Janeeta Shaukat

Global Health Institute Fellow

Janeeta Shaukat is a Senior in the School of Health, majoring in Global Health and minoring in Education, Inquiry, and Justice. Her passion lies in the intersection of education and health, particularly in advocating for equity and wellness in learning environments. At Georgetown, Janeeta has served as a tutor and coordinator in DC Reads, an organization that works to increase literacy in underserved communities in Wards 7 & 8 via read-aloud programs. To bring this work from DC to her hometown in Kashmir, Janeeta applied for and was awarded a Davis Projects for Peace grant. Via that grant and other funding, she was able to found “Futures of Kashmir”. This organization works in collaboration with community stakeholders to provide educational resources to underserved communities, create innovative learning spaces, and promote a holistic, whole-child approach to education. Janeeta has served on the Active Minds board at Georgetown, a club that provides mental health awareness and education for students. She has also served as the wellness chair on the Georgetown Muslim Life team.

Janeeta collaborates with the Advisory Board to manage the events and communications of the Initiative. She also collaborates with Dr. Emily Mendenhall, Ben Oestericher, Dr. Edna Bosire and Dr. Shabab Wahid on the Ecological Grief in Kenya project.