The Assessing the risk of Climate Change on popuLatIon Mental and physicAl healTh outcomEs - ACCLIMATE - study is a collaboration between Dr. Shabab Wahid and Dr. Wameq Raza of the World Bank in the climate vulnerable nation of Bangladesh. ACCLIMATE seeks to examine the role of emotional dysregulation and sleep disruption as potential mediating mechanisms between climate related stressors such as heat and humidity and adverse mental health outcomes. The study will also examine if climate related stressors are connected to higher risk of suicide, and if such stressors have a role in synergistic interactions between mental health conditions and a range of physical illnesses. The study will utilize survey methods to develop a nationally representative panel dataset to examine these research areas. The ACCLIMATE project builds on previous research that established an association between elevated temperature and humidity and depression and anxiety in Bangladesh.

tags: Shabab Wahid | Wameq A. Raza