Research Projects


Assessing the risk of Climate Change on popuLatIon Mental and physicAl healTh outcomEs - ACCLIMATE - in Bangladesh.

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Ecological Grief in Kenya

This study is conducting ethnographic research in Kilifi, Kenya, to understand psychological responses to climate change.

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REducing STress via sOcial pRotEction - RESTORE - in Senegal.

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A road sign that reads "Welcome to Soweto' in Soweto, South Africa

Soweto Syndemics

This study has been examining the synergistic epidemics, or 'syndemics,' of mental and physical health conditions in Soweto, South Africa.

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MindMap Africa

This study is updating information on mental health stigma, social conditions, healthcare systems, healthcare access, access to medications, and violations of human rights in health, criminal justice, education, and civil society in several African countries.

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SAJIDA: Proof of Concept

This is a proof-of-concept study assessing community-based mental health services for climate-vulnerable communities in Bangladesh.

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