Art Campaign

From ill-being to well-being and the liminal states in-between: Culminating Event & Art Exhibition

On April 25, 2024, the Global Mental Health and Well-Being Initiative at the School of Health, Georgetown University, hosted an art exhibition with a thematic focus on "From ill-being to well-being and the liminal states in-between" - the culmination of a student-focused semester-long art campaign. Co-created in partnership with GU student wellness group 'Active Minds,' the Disability Cultural Center, the MakerHub, the DEI & antiracism initiatives at the School of Health, and Campus Ministry, the art campaign featured competitive art, poetry, journal entries, photography, etc., from our students, and non-competitive entries from faculty, staff and alumni. This wonderful body of art will continue to be featured at various spaces around campus, to raise awareness, shatter stigma and spark conversation around mental health and well-being.

Global Health student and Global Health Institute Fellow, Janeeta Shaukat, played an instrumental role in the campaign and exhibition with incredible dedication, passion and leadership. Dr. Amy Kenny, Director of the Disability Cultural Center, Sister Celeste, School of Health Chaplain, and Dean Christopher J. King, School of Health, were part of a three-person panel of judges. 

The judges selected one piece as the most meaningful entry, awarding the artist a $500 prize, as well as five notable entries whose creators received $100 prizes. 

Most Meaningful Entry

“Transitions of the Psyche: Navigating the Complex Human Experience” by Marwa Katir (SFS’24)

Notable Entries

“Fracture” by Abdul Hannan (GU-Q’25)

Susannah Masson (C’27)

Nicole Mathias

Nadia Sadanandan (H’24)

Muhammad Saad Yacoob

Over the upcoming months, the Initiative looks forward to continuing our work to further mental health and well-being on campus and all across the world.