Image of a rural Bangladesh village, and river with two boats.

SAJIDA: Proof of Concept

In partnership with SAJIDA Foundation, Dr. Shabab Wahid is co-leading a proof of concept study for a community-based intervention for reducing symptoms of common mental disorders in climate vulnerable regions of Bangladesh. SAJIDA Foundation is a values-driven non-governmental organization implementing multi-sectoral development programs which focus on poverty alleviation, community healthcare and climate change. SAJIDA has recently initiated a Community Mental Health Initiative (CMHI) which aims to bridge gaps in mental health care by providing accessible and affordable community-based services for climate-vulnerable communities in Bangladesh. 

This Proof of Concept study utilizes a series of n=1 Single Case Experimental Design (SCED) studies to determine idiographic improvements in disorder symptoms over time for individuals receiving counseling services. The SCED will be supplemented by qualitative interviews with intervention participants capturing subjective perceptions of changes in symptoms, culture and context, and mental health vulnerability to climate stressors.  

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